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Designing a Functional Bulk Terminal Facility Webinar

Total Credits: 1.5 Professional Development Hours, 1.5 Practicing Institute of Engineering

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Michael Atzert |  Darren Eyre
1.5 hours
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This course will educate the attendee on best practices in planning for and designing a functional bulk terminal facility. Topics covered will include: what is a bulk terminal facility, what are typical commodities shipped in bulk, what are typical loading and unloading systems for bulk commodities, what is precision scheduled railroading, and how to design for unit train vs manifest operations with spurs, loop tracks, and interchange yards. The course will benefit those involved in planning, engineering, and operations. Commodities to be discussed include coal, aggregates, oil & gas, sand, fly ash, grains, plastics, chemicals, metals, timber, fertilizers, etc.   

This course is comprised of recommended practices and relevant accumulated knowledge from subject matter experts in the railroad industry.   It is not intended as a regulatory qualification.



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