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Rail Industry Update with Tony Hatch – Industry Consultant

Total Credits: 1 including 1 Professional Development Hours, 1 Practicing Institute of Engineering

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Anthony Hatch
52 Minutes
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Mr. Tony Hatch, well known industry analyst, will provide the latest insights to mergers/acquisitions and the economic impact of the pandemic in all areas of the rail industry. Looking ahead to 2024, Hatch will educate the attendee on economic trends and conditions and the current economic state of the industry. Other topics such as service issues and regulatory responses, how investor perceptions drive strategy and capital expenditure.  How investors have pivoted from the “Cult of the Operating Ratio to a focus on service/growth/technology”, and How the rising ESG (environmental/social/governance) movement affects rails and markets will be discussed.



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Anthony “Tony” Hatch was honored by being named the 2019 North American Rail Shippers Association (NARS) “Person of the Year”. 

Mr. Hatch has been a Senior Transportation Analyst on Wall Street for over thirty years, starting at major financial institutions prior to starting his independent analyst/consultancy in 1999, working with partners MillerTabak and CV Brokerage. Mr. Hatch's coverage has been focused on the freight transportation segment, particularly surface transportation. Mr. Hatch is known for his knowledge of the intermodal area, where the various modes of freight transport converge, on which he has held several dozen specialized conferences.

Mr. Hatch has been providing not only “traditional” institutional transport research but also providing “bespoke” research such as due diligence and other services to “new” players in transport investment such as private equity, infrastructure and hedge funds in such areas as intermodal, rail maintenance and construction, railcars and 3pls. He has created a series of research partnerships such as with PLG Consulting (2015) on petrochemical transport, and an equity marketing partnership with CV Securities. Along with Progressive Railroading magazine he co-founded, co-presents and leads “Railtrends”, the most comprehensive railway conference every fall in NYC.