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Adam Becker

Union Pacific

Adam is a graduate of South Dakota State University and a Professional Engineer in the state of Nebraska.  He started his career as a consultant primarily focused on structural design support for the rail industry.  That time was spent designing new bridges, walls, and culverts as well as being the owner’s representative for RFI review on a very large capacity project.  After 3 years of consulting, he took a position in the Structures Design department at Union Pacific Railroad.  He’s been with the railroad for 10 years now and is currently a Senior Manager of Structures Design for Union Pacific Railroad.  He’s designed and managed design for a large variety of culverts, walls, shoring systems, and bridges stemming from capacity projects, program bridge replacements, structure repairs/rehabilitations, and new facility construction.  For the last 3 years, his role has primarily revolved around structural repairs, ratings, training, inspector support, managing and updating UPRR’s structure standards, and supporting the design aspect of structural emergencies for UPRR.  Adam is also an active member in AREMA Committee 15, Steel Structures.