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Amanda Kessler, PE


Amanda is the manager of the Reference Surfacing implementation project, which is a track maintenance improvement project in support of the new Acela21 program. Reference Surfacing will use LiDAR survey data, GPS, and track designs to create tamping solutions for execution of track surfacing maintenance. Amanda has a BS in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and began her career in 2006 working as a roadway design engineer. In 2012 she took a position at Amtrak as a Management Associate and spent a year and a half on a whirlwind tour of Amtrak’s Engineering Department. She then moved into a position in the Track Clearances, Inspection, and Testing group where her work included capital maintenance planning for surfacing and undercutting and track geometry data analysis. Amanda is the Vice Chair of AREMA Committee 11 and is the Committee Research Coordinator for TRB Committee AR050. When she is not busy working on the railroad Amanda enjoys yoga, running, and chasing around her 5 and 7 year old kids.