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Melissa Ruel


Mélissa Ruel is the Senior Geotechnical Engineer for CN Rail for the Eastern territory, covering CN network between Winnipeg and Halifax. She has over 10 years of experience in the railway industry and 4 years of consulting experience and she holds a master’s degree in geotechnical engineering. Her main responsibility at CN consists in providing geotechnical engineering expertise for the planning, inspection, and design of construction and railway maintenance projects. Ms. Ruel has sound knowledge and understanding of geotechnical engineering (soil and rock mechanics, slope stabilization, ground water, retaining structure design), of railway track and construction. She is specialized in natural hazard evaluation, risk management and emergency response associated with geo-hazards such as landslides, rock falls, floods & washouts. Ms. Ruel is currently Chair of the Railway Ground Hazard Research Program, which goal is to better understand the mechanisms that cause various geo-hazards, develop guidelines to manage the risks, and develop and identify tools and technologies to mitigate the hazards. The current phase of this research program focus on the impact of extreme weather events on railway operations and the development of strategies to adapt to climate change.