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Jason Field, PE

Jason Field, PE is a licensed Professional Engineer and is an industry leader in preemption as well as an expert on all things crossing safety.  Working for over 21 years exclusively in the overlapping ROW of highways and railroads throughout the country, he has developed the bi-lingual talents imperative for balancing the needs of roadway agencies and railroads when it comes to safety, efficiency and benefit / cost issues around the railroad crossing.  

As the Chair of the Warning System Installation and Maintenance Subcommittee on AREMA Committee 36 and a heavily engaged member of the Railroad Committee of the NCUTCD, Jason stays at the forefront of discussions and changes to the crossing safety industry.

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On Demand

Design & Construction of Highway/Railway Grade Crossing

Jennifer Crumbliss, PE |  Jason Field, PE |  Joseph Schofield, PE |  Desiree Knight
1 Hour 37 Minutes
Audio and Video
$129.00 - Base Price

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