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Raymond Baker


Raymond Baker is a Senior Manager with CN’s Bridges & Structures Department.  With more than 30 years railroad experience, Mr. Baker is a key asset to CN’s core Engineering group leading high level strategic track and bridge projects integral to CN operations within the US, all the while mentoring younger staff  to help them learn the various aspects of the railroad industry, and encouraging them to grow their own interests.  Mr. Baker was Chief Engineer of the EJ&E, and transitioned to CN through the purchase in 2009, where he played an essential part in the integration and transition of the two systems.  He’s been an actively involved with AREMA for the past 40 years, and a previous member of Committees 18 and 32.  Mr. Baker is a graduate of Bradley University with a BS in Civil Engineering, and works out of the CN Kirk Yard in Gary, Indiana.

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Environmental Permitting for Railroad Project Managers - Part 1

Kari Harris |  Raymond Baker
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